Haikus aren’t strangers for me : just little siblings who accompagnied me for a long time. Indeed, my parents used to read several in a raw at bedtime, instead of stories because they took less time to learn them. But I was too young and remembering them now seems to be more difficult ; so re-read them is the good method.

Or why not to write some ? I’ve tried it in French – I don’t if I’ve done well or not but I’ve liked them. Maybe I might translate some. One day.

So, for the challenge of the Daily Post on the Haiku Road, I take the plunge and write haikus in English.


Monday :

           I’m simple-minded 
                  In English prose – lack of words ?
      But I read a lot !
 in French :
      Suis-je bien bête
               En anglais – manque de mots ?
     Mais je lis beaucoup !

The English language isn’t my native language and then I think so slow ; consequently I go on to training – learning new words from dictionaries and copying sentences of famous writers.


 Tuesday :

       It’s rainy today –
            an inky way. Could I write 
    sounds I cannot hear ?

 In French :

      Oh, quel temps pluvieux !
              Quelle encre ! Puis-je écrire
        Sons que j’entends pas ?


The rain of the day seems to be like a song of which I don’t understand a word !


Wednesday :

         Time to travelling 
                   – enjoying our big city –
my sister and me

 In French :

         Temps de voyages
                      joyeux dans la grande ville
           ma soeur et moi-même


My sister and me, we go to the city near our village – a full day of pleasure and no writting. 


Thursday :

              The sun in the sky
                            Deals with a hard work at fields
               before the cold days

In French :

         Le soleil au ciel –
               un dur travail dans les champs
                                 avant les jours froids


Today is the last day of Indian summer – so we have to work faster ! Not annoying but challenging !


Friday :

         Not English or French,
                    I’m writting in other sounds 
at The Sublime Door.

In French : 

          Ni anglais ni franc,
J’écris dans des sons autres
       – La Sublime Porte


I am thinking what way I do go on. Learning with a professor ? Through books ? In which country ?


Well, it’s done !

I firstly noticed that I write haikus with short words essentially, ”one sound-word” I call them, because they came spontaneously. Where are the 2-more syllable words ? Are they disapeared from my brain and my personnal dictionary ? Besides my actual haikus don’t possess the same essence than the Japanese ones. Why ? I write sentences not ideas, that my Sister says. Example with Basho : 

        Flowers of which tree –
           I am not able to know
but what a perfume ! 

in French :

        Les fleurs de quel arbre –
impossible de savoir
           mais un tel parfum !

 But what a relief when I finish – a selfish feeling of hard working ! A try of self-introspection !

Good reading – and meditating ! 🙂