Autonomy – – is a daily post’s prompt and the opportunity to write something on my wordpress A la lueur du lampadaire blog. The rules are there is one-only word that one’s could write about or use other means. So let’s go creating a big, new, colorful, cunning and amazing adventure. 


Here I have been autonomous, here I have turned on “pilote automatique” on my Airbus-ish way since the last days of January. I have been like a seagul – but not Johnathan – living on air of a new life.

A new job, new connections with people I have just met, new projects and hobbies.

But I never forget writting – it’s just a change. Topics have changed – fiction to essay. My handwriting sheet has become a powerpoint slide. Not bad. New experience. Learn a lot of stuff. And skills. Cultural and professionnal ones, and silly ones – sometimes. Technology has thus taken an important place in the daywork. 

I can order, now. “More autonomy, please.”

“But add a few lot sharing with my people who I miss them, and the new ones who I have just met !”

Just keep on…